• Mercy home – Giving shelter to those who dont have shelter and never enjoyed love.
  • Evangelism and Church Planting. – Sharing the gospel and bring them under the covering.
  • Family Counseling Center. – Giving guidance and advices to families who are in the verge of break up to know meaning and values of family and helping them to be united.
  • Women empowerment. – helping the women to identify themself and becoming stronger and more confident.
  • Orphan ministry – Taking care of children those who dont have any one to take care of them and taking care of their needs.
  • School of Discipleship (for Youth) – Preparing the youth for delivering gospel in areas where gospel not yet reached and training them to be like Jesus.
  • Prayer Center – Where people cannot help we interced for them and help them to get a solution.
  • Old age home – In the last days of life people are not being taken care by family. To support such people.
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