Kolhapur (Maharashtra, India)

In the beginning of 1994 God help us to plant the Church in the city of Kolhapur (Maharashtra) where number of people and youth who belongs to their different area came in to the presence of God by Gospel. Many social activities & health programs conducted by us which was more beneficial for poor and needy people. Now many people in Kolhapur recognized God’s love.

Jan 01, 1994

Seloo (Maharashtra, India)

During 1996 God help us to share the word of God in Seloo & established small prayer group. Where all kind of people started to worship God gladly. Many students and youth inspired through the social activities and they are growing in God’s love. Now they are working as evangelist in different region.

Jan 01, 1996

Wardha (Maharashtra, India)

On 3rd March 2012 God has given a vision to sister Jyoti serve the needy people and give hand of hope, raise them up from darkness & win the soul. Today through Yeshu Ashray Ministry we are working for all those poor and needy people, by giving hand of helping in their need, education, child care and health.

Mar 03, 2012
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